Tuesday, 24 December 2013

The outfit(s) #1

Not exactly one outfit, but to be precise one entire day of them! Final day of school before the winter break!!! Yeeey! I just had to mark it and do a little something for my beloved blog. Where I live, the winters are pretty strong so we constantly feel like we're at the North Pole. (And before you ask, yes, we have several Santas living here!) But today the sun amazingly decided to visit us which allowed me to even take my coat off and show you my ensemble for the day. I strutted in a snow white off-the-shoulder sweater and wrapped my bare shoulders in a snugly fur west. My "construction worker" boots, leather bag and a grey boxy coat are usually supporting roles for all of my outfits these days. No mentioning of the labels here except this pair of Zara high-waisted leggings which have served me over two years now and are still going strong!

With the nightfall a more glamorous, Christmas or New Year's party dress came along. Nothing but a sumptuous red lip, a few gold bangles and that little black dress to make a look simple but yet oozing with femininity and flirtatiousness. 

Hope you've enjoyed and have a nice party season!!!

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