Monday, 16 December 2013

Pardon my misbehaviour

I know,... I have no excuse of not  giving any attention to the growth of my just recently created little vogue world, but to be honest I simply couldn't get my head out of the big stack of books that's still sitting on my writing table. I had my little schedule: school, studying and exercising, and NO free time. I was so busy that even my faithful muse felt left out and decided to make me earn my inspiration before I can get it back. So here I am, alone on the deserted island, looking like a literal meaning of the word effortless. And , please don't make me remember this when i get back to the Inspirationland, I was quite a happy chap! Snuggled in the holiday season mood, my mind was bursting with ideas of presents, decoration and Christmas cards. I know I said no (and I made the word no in capital letters) free time, but I did spend around four hours making my winter wonderland paper snowflakes. In my favour, our house didn't really have electricity then so I feel it's justified.With slowly finding my way back to that vogue empire, here's a little glimpse of how I started decorating my room. It isn't exactly fashion yet, but I feel that house(especially holiday) decor is some form of style.


All the tools you need are just some paper, scissors, stapler and tape. Lots of patience, you'll need LOTS of patience!


 I will be continuing my little designer style guide along with my search for the right holiday and winter outfits just as soon as I could stand sturdy again in my pointed toe black suede heels. Happy holidays!!!

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