Friday, 8 November 2013

The style of the soul

After a couple of weeks of studying and trying to pick up the pieces and organize my life, I've been putting off my blogging over and over again. And all of this time the only thing that was crossing my mind was just one advice that my grandma once gave me:" Don't start anything that you can't finish."  So I gathered some courage, looked the blank page in the eyes and once I started writing, it stopped seeming so scary like it was before.
Well, it is enough to say that the past two weeks have been excitingly dynamic for me! My sister came home for the weekend from University so, whilst I was trying to look pretty for school (day before my birthday) and catch up with her, she mentioned something that was on my mind for quite awhile now. She said that my style had changed! And it has. So after a lot of thinking I have come to a conclusion. It seems I've grown up and determined who I am a bit more which is naturally followed by the way I dress. I had always known that I am inevitably romantic, but now the world can actually see it. Natural and flowing fabrics that cascade and loosely wrap my torso with ruffles or bare shoulders paired with something slightly contrasting, like a pair of high waisted skinny jeans( a new arrival to the family, Mango Broadway jeans ) and my favourite big striped scarf from Zara are the pieces that have property to dress my body in my soul. If I were to compare it to a designer, I'd say a bit something like Dolce & Gabbana( especially the SS/13 collection). Not remotely the same but relatable.
Because of my newly discovered knowledge I can now get inspired or figure out in what direction to go on those "I don't know what to wear" days without being influenced by other people's different styles and outfits. And that is the formula of finding your own style, as simple as it seems. Try to see where your feelings take you and stick to it; don't compromise your taste for somebody else's just because you are in a hurry.
On that note, to help inspire and relate, I am going to be tapping into one of my big obsessions- fashion history and try to do it justice by  writing about some of the famous fashion evolving designers that represent different styles and personalities.


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