Sunday, 17 November 2013

Trendsetting minimalism, Calvin Klein and Prada

The beauty of pure minimalism and clear view of what modern is, Calvin Klein and Miuccia Prada represent a definite inspiration for women.

Calvin Klein

Raised in the Bronx by fashion aware mother, it was no surprise that Calvin Klein chose the path of fashion design through life. He always knew what a woman wants and who his customer is. Simply chic and sophisticated outfits, natural in colour made easy to pair and change as separates and with a minimal point of view. With a clear and modern design philosophy, Klein always wanted to create wearable but yet sexually provocative clothes. Now, with a legacy of also famous jeans, underwear and perfumes, Calvin Klein brand works without its founder but with the same goal: to make the modern women simply sexy. Today as a creative head of this brand, Francisco Costa rules the runways but still keeps the cK's original idea.

The Spring/Summer2013 collection draws inspiration from high-performance cars while experimenting with a mixture of leather, mesh and silk and the Autumn/Winter13 represents Francisco's amazement with the duality in the Soviet film "Ivan's childhood" by using a dropped needle technique. In the SS14, the brand goes back to the primal urban style.



Established in 1913 by Fratelli Prada, the brand was known for its good work with leather accessories. Now, the fashion empire that at one point included Gucci, Fendi and other remarkable brands is led by one of the founders’ granddaughter, Miuccia Prada. Also a minimal chic designer but with a gift for innovation in fabric, print and colour. Using nylon first for the black backpack, then for her entire clothing line, Miuccia first set a trend that later, everybody else followed. Unordinary colour combinations, prints and smartly designed, new fabrics are what make Prada the leading trendsetter. There is the also famous Prada’s line, made for the younger audience Miu Miu.

For the SS13 clothes with a collage of hand-drawn shapes casting their shadows were shown."It was the idea of making raw elegance,"she said for the Autumn/Winter13 collection, having a wet hair trend look presented. "And I was thinking a lot about impossibilities and how you can’t abandon your fantasies, how much you have to control your feelings." And for the SS14 Prada explained how she wanted to inspire women to struggle and had sent models down the runway with an interesting graffiti coloured eye look.


DISCLAIMER: I have not taken these photographs myself and some of the quotes are taken from the articles I had found due to my research!


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    1. Thank you a lot!!! <3<3 I will be posting more about the designers so check it out if you like it!