Sunday, 13 October 2013

To Be trendy, Or Not To Be?

   After recklessly reaching for a pair of my old, loose fitted jeans from the bottom of my closet, which have been lying under a pile of neatly folded, only jeans I would ever feel comfortable in( also referred as the skinnies), and wearing them with a cropped top and last year`s boots for a casual Friday night-out, I was stunned at the ease of the choice that I had made. Only last winter, I could put my money on the fact that I would never, ever want to leave the house without feeling safe and snug in my tightly fitted bottoms, practically sewn on to my legs and hips. So I wondered, am I changing and growing up, or am I just like everyone else, a slave of trends?
   Everyday, we get influenced and effected by a lot of commercials, adds and people with more "fashion skills" than us, to buy or try out a new style or product, and we indulge, witch is not bad. After all the world is evolving in every way, so we might as well accept the new things that come to us. But do we know the line and can we differentiate an evolved version of us from just another world's clone, and is it media's fault to put it in our face, or is it ours to have accepted it? 
   In some people's minds following trends is a sign of being fashionable, where in others , it's just an indicator of a weak personality. Me? I am somewhere in the middle. I think we should know the difference between trend and everlasting style. Taste is what you are born with and develop throughout your life, style is an ability to make every outfit look like it's pure fashion and trend is just a spice that comes and goes to make everything look a bit more interesting. I make myself tryout new things, but don't wear them if I don't feel like to. I try to keep MY taste and style at the first place and then add a few bits of all-time basics and (as much as it is difficult for me to admit) this seasons trends. And that is what I think the definition of clothing well is. That, and felling, dressing your body depending of the mood your in. I am always led by my emotions and at the end of the day just have fun with it!

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