Wednesday, 23 October 2013

The Vichy Civil War

All of our lives, we are always looking for that perfect thing. It could be the perfect guy, apartment, wedding dress...But in a life of a seventeen-year-old girl(almost), the perfection is searched in smaller things. Something like the most perfect, natural-looking and still with a good coverage, foundation.
Let's face it, I don't have a big makeup artist budget to spend on higher brand cosmetics, so I tried really hard to find something that ticks all the boxes. Last year I came across the Vichy Normaderm Teint, made for slightly oily, blemish prone skin(in the shade Opal,which is slightly too light for me). Later, after lot of YouTube recommendations( Thank you Lisa Eldrige!), I bought myself yet another Vichy product but this time it was the Dermablend Fond de Teint Correcteur( in a shade darker, Nude). After using them both for quite awhile now, I decided to share my opinions and reviews about them.
The Vichy Normaderm is a very thin and light to medium coverage foundation. It is buildable but if put on too much, it can look a bit cakey. I think it is best used on very oily skin that doesn't need a lot of covering up, because it will grip on to dryer spots(at least it did on me). Whereas the Dermablend one is just a little bit thicker in consistency, absolutely not that drying and with a very high coverage. Later on in the day, they both get a little shiny( Normaderm less than Dermablend because it's more drying) but nothing that a touch of powder cannot fix.
So which one do I like better? Having combination type of skin(oily in the T-zone), I definitely prefer the Dermablend. The only thing I would recommend is to apply it in very thin layers and prevent the shiny-looking skin in few hours time. Also, as it is a high coverage foundation I normally apply it just on the areas that need coverage, lightly dabbing it on with my ring finger so I still have a natural finish. 
Mixing the two also works and that's what I will be doing this winter because the mix of both shades matches my skin colour perfectly right now.
At the end, the very important and dare I say crucial question is the price. Both of them aren't cheap but also not too expensive. I believe the price is around 16 euros, depending on where you live. I would definitely save up again and buy the Dermablend corrective foundation because, for me, it has it all! At least until better one comes along.       

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