Saturday, 28 December 2013

Jean Paul Gaultier and Vivienne Westwood, the two meanings of punk

A bit different stories this time, not so gentle and fully feminine as the styles before, but still ruling the world. I present you punk.

 Jean Paul Gaultier

A designer with a peroxide-blond hair and an on-going smile, Jean Paul Gaultier is known for his fearless provocations, great tailoring and theatrical way of combining different prints, fabrics and styles of individually fairly simple clothes, which makes them look more modern and unlikely anything we’ve ever seen before. Androgynous and nautical clothes, lingerie worn with nothing on top, presenting men in skirts and exposing them as sex objects, the “Chic Rabbis”, Coco Rocha step dancing down the runway... are all indicators of the rules violation, but with a goal only to affiliate the differences in races and sexuality. “And while he takes inspiration from the street, he’s not the same kind of punk as, say, Vivienne Westwood. Gaultier never seeks to destroy, but to unify.Vogue writes.
As more I read about him, the more I fall in love with his perspective and way of understanding fashion. In more than one occasion, I too have noticed that the more thought you put in combining simple clothes (whether it is a color combination that stands out, a unique mix of patterns or just piling on accessories), the better it looks.
And lastly, we simply can’t forget the alien like costumes worn in the movie “The fifth element” as well as the cone bra Madonna wore on one of her tours and the scene of  her topless appearance on Gaultier’s runway.

In Spring/Summer 2013 he presented models strutting down the runway looking like pop stars with Karlie Kloss as Boy George and for the Couture line clothes inspired by India were presented, in spicy colours and with ethnic jewelry. For the A/W of the same year Jean Paul Gaultier showed elaborate, winter queen like outfits with sumptuous jewelry, leopard print, fur and cone shaped hats and hair. And in S/S14, a show was thrown with a cabaret, dancing with the stars feel, leather jackets and metallic dresses and Coco Rocha appearing as Danny from “Grease”.


 Vivienne Westwood

Continuing on the same no rules” note, here is a woman who represents the pure, rough, down to the bone essence of what punk means. Presenting pirate, Edwardian, music and street inspired trends to a broader audience, Vivienne Westwood is a designer who’s not afraid to look back and show, as she once claimed, “the feeling of movement and also the feeling of heroics”.  
It’s the British punk, edgy, tough, careless looking (but made with lots of care and attention) and still so monumental, astonishing and grand.

The Red Shoes, Hans Christian Anderson
The return of the crusaders
The return of the crusaders
The return of the crusaders

With her Gold Label, Vivienne Westwood shows a reminder of the always-changing world around us with the Climate Revolution and support for the Greenpeace. In it for the A/W 13 clothes were inspired by the medieval Europe after the return of the crusaders. For the Spring/Summer 2014 in the Red Label, the description on her site is influenced by "The red shoes" story by Hans Christian Anderson where she says:
"The dance of death must end. Trapped in its hostile environment an animal will die. It will try to leave. It will leave but there is nowhere to go. The models are people who have a home like you and me. We must stop Climate Change to avoid our total catastrophe."

As distant from punk as I was, searching for information about these two iconic designers made me now say that my point of view has changed! I have discovered a newly found respect for these, I can only say, remarkable people.

 DISCLAIMER: I have not taken these photographs myself and some of the quotes are taken from the articles I had found due to my research! 

Tuesday, 24 December 2013

The outfit(s) #1

Not exactly one outfit, but to be precise one entire day of them! Final day of school before the winter break!!! Yeeey! I just had to mark it and do a little something for my beloved blog. Where I live, the winters are pretty strong so we constantly feel like we're at the North Pole. (And before you ask, yes, we have several Santas living here!) But today the sun amazingly decided to visit us which allowed me to even take my coat off and show you my ensemble for the day. I strutted in a snow white off-the-shoulder sweater and wrapped my bare shoulders in a snugly fur west. My "construction worker" boots, leather bag and a grey boxy coat are usually supporting roles for all of my outfits these days. No mentioning of the labels here except this pair of Zara high-waisted leggings which have served me over two years now and are still going strong!

With the nightfall a more glamorous, Christmas or New Year's party dress came along. Nothing but a sumptuous red lip, a few gold bangles and that little black dress to make a look simple but yet oozing with femininity and flirtatiousness. 

Hope you've enjoyed and have a nice party season!!!

Monday, 16 December 2013

Pardon my misbehaviour

I know,... I have no excuse of not  giving any attention to the growth of my just recently created little vogue world, but to be honest I simply couldn't get my head out of the big stack of books that's still sitting on my writing table. I had my little schedule: school, studying and exercising, and NO free time. I was so busy that even my faithful muse felt left out and decided to make me earn my inspiration before I can get it back. So here I am, alone on the deserted island, looking like a literal meaning of the word effortless. And , please don't make me remember this when i get back to the Inspirationland, I was quite a happy chap! Snuggled in the holiday season mood, my mind was bursting with ideas of presents, decoration and Christmas cards. I know I said no (and I made the word no in capital letters) free time, but I did spend around four hours making my winter wonderland paper snowflakes. In my favour, our house didn't really have electricity then so I feel it's justified.With slowly finding my way back to that vogue empire, here's a little glimpse of how I started decorating my room. It isn't exactly fashion yet, but I feel that house(especially holiday) decor is some form of style.


All the tools you need are just some paper, scissors, stapler and tape. Lots of patience, you'll need LOTS of patience!


 I will be continuing my little designer style guide along with my search for the right holiday and winter outfits just as soon as I could stand sturdy again in my pointed toe black suede heels. Happy holidays!!!

Sunday, 24 November 2013

Bold and sexy, Tom Ford

For all the sensual and sexy girls who are not afraid to put it out there, here is just a little glimpse of a divine decadence that this magnificent, hard-working designer has created.

Born and raised in America, moving from Texas to New Mexico and later to New York, Tom Ford was frequently changing schools and interests until finally he began studying interior architecture at the famous Parsons The New School for Design. He was a regular visitor of the Studio 54 club, which later had an influence on his design. After living in Paris and interning for ChloƩ, he realized that his biggest interest was in fashion.
Tom Ford led Gucci from bankruptcy to estimated worth of $10 billion. He was the creative director of Gucci and YSL until the disagreement over artistic control of the companies. Later, he founded his own Tom Ford brand.
Oozing with sex appeal and power, Tom Ford’s clothes had a sixties and seventies edge. He creates cutting-edge looks and is a master in advertising them in the most impacting and unlikely way. “The now infamous Tom Ford look—what he later called “sexy, sensual, f*ck-me clothes,” part modish tomboy, part Bardot-era sex kitten—oozed power and prestige“, is the way Vogue describes it. He has even directed the film A Single Man which has that Tom Ford taste of sensuality.

For the Autumn 2013, Tom Ford released a collection full of floral and tribal prints and inspired by comic book prints. For the S/S14 he shows that astonishing sexy look by opening the show with the most perfect camel coloured belted blazer followed by spidery lace and broken down mirrors.

 DISCLAIMER: I have not taken these photographs myself and some of the quotes are taken from the articles I had found due to my research!

Sunday, 17 November 2013

Trendsetting minimalism, Calvin Klein and Prada

The beauty of pure minimalism and clear view of what modern is, Calvin Klein and Miuccia Prada represent a definite inspiration for women.

Calvin Klein

Raised in the Bronx by fashion aware mother, it was no surprise that Calvin Klein chose the path of fashion design through life. He always knew what a woman wants and who his customer is. Simply chic and sophisticated outfits, natural in colour made easy to pair and change as separates and with a minimal point of view. With a clear and modern design philosophy, Klein always wanted to create wearable but yet sexually provocative clothes. Now, with a legacy of also famous jeans, underwear and perfumes, Calvin Klein brand works without its founder but with the same goal: to make the modern women simply sexy. Today as a creative head of this brand, Francisco Costa rules the runways but still keeps the cK's original idea.

The Spring/Summer2013 collection draws inspiration from high-performance cars while experimenting with a mixture of leather, mesh and silk and the Autumn/Winter13 represents Francisco's amazement with the duality in the Soviet film "Ivan's childhood" by using a dropped needle technique. In the SS14, the brand goes back to the primal urban style.



Established in 1913 by Fratelli Prada, the brand was known for its good work with leather accessories. Now, the fashion empire that at one point included Gucci, Fendi and other remarkable brands is led by one of the founders’ granddaughter, Miuccia Prada. Also a minimal chic designer but with a gift for innovation in fabric, print and colour. Using nylon first for the black backpack, then for her entire clothing line, Miuccia first set a trend that later, everybody else followed. Unordinary colour combinations, prints and smartly designed, new fabrics are what make Prada the leading trendsetter. There is the also famous Prada’s line, made for the younger audience Miu Miu.

For the SS13 clothes with a collage of hand-drawn shapes casting their shadows were shown."It was the idea of making raw elegance,"she said for the Autumn/Winter13 collection, having a wet hair trend look presented. "And I was thinking a lot about impossibilities and how you can’t abandon your fantasies, how much you have to control your feelings." And for the SS14 Prada explained how she wanted to inspire women to struggle and had sent models down the runway with an interesting graffiti coloured eye look.


DISCLAIMER: I have not taken these photographs myself and some of the quotes are taken from the articles I had found due to my research!